Stressed? Sexy Yoga is the answer!

Have you felt incredibly stressed lately? Well, with the holiday approached soon before our eyes, we have every reason to feel that extra bit of stress in our already busy lives. All kinds of stress can amp up our cortisol levels – that not-so-lovely hormone that plays a huge role in craving comfort foods, overeating and feeling fatigue. But, we can counteract the production of the awful enemy called stress by taking a few minutes a day to take a ‘Chill Pill’. Today – I prescribe to you..YOGA.

Yoga has become one of the hottest fads in town, and not only does it sharpen you mind and clear your thoughts, the results make you feel Sexy! Inside and Out. The metabolism kicking workout yoga provides will boost your mood and slim your figure in no time!

Hey Guys out there! More and more gentlemen have been enduring in yoga over the years, not to mention its a great way for them to see women wearing little yoga outfits while positioning themselves into all kinds of crazy body positions. Men, we will be waiting for you at yoga class…


 Sexy Yoga Pose of the Day

The Back Bend. Proven to increase extension of the spine and opens the chest for preparation of the ‘breathwork’ of Yoga.

Pay extra attention to your breath during every pose. It took me 3 years to develop the artful skill of ‘breathing’. When the breath is still, so is your mind. With as little as 15 minutes 3-4 times a week (before bed or just after awakening in the am for the busy bees out there), you will transform your life, set expectations for a new day and feel more focused during the daily grind.

Transform your Body!

Feel Sexier than you Ever have before! 


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Dr. Danielle Krol, a native of the Philadelphia area, spent the majority of her early life growing up in New Jersey. With over 15 years’ experience in Dance and Theatrical Arts, Dr. Krol was pursuing a career as an actress until her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. For the 3 years that followed, Dr. Krol placed her life on hold and took the responsibility of Caretaker for her terminally ill mother. Her passion for medicine came about during her mother’s illness, and her determination to become a doctor came about after her passing in 2002.