Do Something You Love


Happiness is a very interesting emotion. We all have different ideas about what it is and how to go about getting it. And before I began Medical School, I feel like I had much more of it. But why? Some may blame it on the profession itself; overworked, underpaid, long exhausting hours and more requirements and expectations that one can ever imagine, but does that mean that we should not be happy? I’m convincing myself more and more that in order to bring more happiness into your life, you need to do something you love.

I have written blogs in the past that state in order to increase satisfaction and bring more happiness into your life, you have to practice Gratitude. While I still stand firmly on this philosophy, I also have recently discovered that by doing something you love may bring you those same emotions much sooner than you’d expect.

With a busy schedule, at most times unpredictable hours, setting aside free time to do what you love seems near impossible, which is why scheduling “me” time has become just as much a priority in my life as is my job. Having this mentality, I’ve really began to notice the things that brought me the most joy before Medical School is now changing my life.


I started dancing when I was a young girl, and any lesson I ever learned I learned it on the dance floor.  My mother never hesitated to send my sisters and I to dance classes, hoping we would learn grace and poise. But what we did learn was confidence and how to exercise the creative part of our brains. Then as the years went on, I started with ballet and quickly moved on to tap and jazz until I discovered Hip-hop, which was what I really loved. I found myself dancing throughout High School, and even considered having a career in this. It is truly what I loved. But fate took a turn, and it was not until I lost my mother at a very young age to cancer that I decided a career in medicine was my calling. And off to Medical School I went. I never knew if I would dance again.


My passion is Medicine; everything about the science behind the disease, the human body and the power of our mind fascinates me. But I love to Dance. Always have and always will. Which is why bringing more of it back into my life has transformed my life for the better. My hip-hop class last night really awakened my senses. Want more Happiness? It’s all about the work-life balance.

Often, our truest passions emerge in childhood, only to be sucked dry by real life pressures. Getting back in touch with these pleasures is an important step in finding your happiness.

Do Something You Love… Dance as if no one is watching





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Dr. Danielle Krol, a native of the Philadelphia area, spent the majority of her early life growing up in New Jersey. With over 15 years’ experience in Dance and Theatrical Arts, Dr. Krol was pursuing a career as an actress until her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. For the 3 years that followed, Dr. Krol placed her life on hold and took the responsibility of Caretaker for her terminally ill mother. Her passion for medicine came about during her mother’s illness, and her determination to become a doctor came about after her passing in 2002.