Male vs. Female Brain

Can we really blame a guy for being a guy? Over the years I’ve spent too much time on that question. It is only recently that I’ve come to terms with the male brain and their rationalization for why they do the things they do and think they way they think.

Scientifically the brains of men and women are 99% alike, yet that 1% difference can make it seem like we are worlds apart! Not until recently have I really wondered what makes me and the rest of my female physician colleagues different from the dude docs. Intellectually, no difference. Communication and empathy, sometimes I beg to differ. Neurologists and psychiatrists have extensively researched these differences. Here are some of their findings, now its up for you to believe it or not.

Up until 8 weeks in the womb, every brain is female. It is not until the Testosterone spike at week 8 that ends up killing the cells that are responsible for communication and acting like Miracle Grow to the cells that are responsible for sex and aggression. This is by far the biggest difference in the male and female brain: The sexual pursuit area of the brain  is 2.5 times larger in men. And since teen boys are producing almost 30 times more testosterone than they did pre-adolescence, it’s a no brainer why they can’t stop thinking about sex. As gas is necessary for a car to run, Testosterone is sexual engine fuel for a boy.

Women on the other hand have an estrogen spike that causes brain growth and neuronal enhancement in the part of the brain that drives emotions and though. Women are programmed by empathizing tendencies. But here is what I believe – The major differences in the male and female brain, especially in sex, have occurred over the years of evolution. Men and women have faced different selection pressures, which brings us to modern time.

It was once necessary for men to have skills for inventing, making tools and weapons to survive, and aggression for competition. Now it all makes sense! Since men have greater systemizing and mechanistic thoughts, could this be why men try to figure out their relationships with women as if they were machines?! If only men could adapt that women have an abundance of emotion and feeling, and if only women could separate their emotion from the male machine mind, there would be healthy balance in relationships.

The human brain is the ultimate machine and we are capable of major changes in our lives by using it. If you know me, I firmly believe most things in life you want to accomplish or overcome, are often mind over matter. Although, there are some things about the male brain that will never change, and therefore, here is my advice to all my female counterparts…

Danielle’s Daily Dose:

Ladies – Come to terms with the Male Brain… Let men be men!

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Dr. Danielle Krol, a native of the Philadelphia area, spent the majority of her early life growing up in New Jersey. With over 15 years’ experience in Dance and Theatrical Arts, Dr. Krol was pursuing a career as an actress until her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. For the 3 years that followed, Dr. Krol placed her life on hold and took the responsibility of Caretaker for her terminally ill mother. Her passion for medicine came about during her mother’s illness, and her determination to become a doctor came about after her passing in 2002.