On Letting Go and Moving On

We are changing. The Universe around us is changing. We hold onto things because we don’t know any better, or because we don’t think that we can achieve anything greater. It’s comfortable. But remember – the Universe is changing. And just because something was right for you in the past, it doesn’t mean that it is still right. This something could be a house, a job, a relationship with a significant other or even a friend.

A changing universe happens around us so slowly. As we grow, we experience more about life and discover things about ourselves that we didn’t know before. We discover who we are and what we should become  – and then you realize that you need to make changes just to keep up with the change happening around you, and within you.

And then one day comes, ever so slowly, when you realize that the lifestyle that you have been living no longer fits. The routine that you have gotten down pat is boring you, and certain people in your life no longer align with your beliefs.

Now you have some decisions.

Have the courage to let go.

Let go of the ‘something’ or the ‘someone’ in your life that is not making you grow, and have the courage to let go of what is not allowing you to move ahead. When it comes to people, I think this is the hardest. Letting go of someone that YOU let into your life is by far the most challenging because they were the ones that you chose to share your life with – to share your feelings with.

To confide in as a friend, or maybe more. Or perhaps to fall in love with. It’s going to be ok, just let them go.

Patience is a virtue. It is going to take time to let go, but keep in mind that what was right for you then, is not necessarily right for you now. And sometimes the hardest part is going to be not letting go, but realizing that you have changed – and now you need to start over with your new truth. For some crazy reason I have yet to understand – people despise change.

Growing apart from someone is my greatest challenge. I don’t ever want to face this, and I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. Nevertheless what I have realized is that no matter how much I try, some people will eventually evolve from the core values they had when you first met them. Negative people attract negative people, and I don’t believe I am one of them. And as time goes on, those same people that you have trouble letting go of will prove over and over again that they clash with your new life, and that is when I know that it’s going to be ok. I have to let them go.

Moving On


Ways to Let Go and Move On

  1. Claim ownership of your life. – No one else is responsible for you.  You are in full control of your life, so claim it. We should you blame your parents, your teachers, your mentors, the education system, the government, etc., and never to blame yourself, Right?  It’s never, ever your fault… WRONG!  It’s always your fault, because if you want to let go and move on, you’re the only person who can make it happen


  1. Take a chance. – When life sets you up with a challenge, there’s a reason for it; it’s meant to test your strength to make a change and take a chance on something new. Life only moves in one direction – forward, my godmother often tells me.  Let go of your past and take the challenge.


  1. Change the people around you. – Some people come into your life just to strengthen you, so you can move on without them.  They are supposed to be part of your memory, not your destiny.  I struggle with this all the time. I feel like if I form a relationship with someone, they are supposed to me in my life FOREVER! The bottom line is that when you have to start compromising your happiness and your potential for the people around you, it’s time to change the people around you. 
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Dr. Danielle Krol, a native of the Philadelphia area, spent the majority of her early life growing up in New Jersey. With over 15 years’ experience in Dance and Theatrical Arts, Dr. Krol was pursuing a career as an actress until her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. For the 3 years that followed, Dr. Krol placed her life on hold and took the responsibility of Caretaker for her terminally ill mother. Her passion for medicine came about during her mother’s illness, and her determination to become a doctor came about after her passing in 2002.