Finding Poetry in Medicine

The Medical School Graduate

Finally!  I’m an MD.  No more left to learn!

Diploma in hand, what more could one ask for?

What’s that you say?  Some chest pain?  Today?

Don’t worry—I can help! I read about that before!


The Intern

PT?  OT?  DVT?  SCD?

 He’s tachy.  Is he septic?  Angry?  In pain?  Maybe needy?

Logins and passwords.  Note after note.

How ever will I stay afloat?


The Second-year Resident

I know that.  I’ve seen that.  I’ve put in my time.

Well don’t just stand there, intern, that guy needs a line!

I’m the boss.  The leader.  I rule this whole floor.

Sure, I can help!  I’ve done that…. at least once…before.


The Senior Resident

Not so fast, my second-year resident.  You sure that drug is a smart plan?

That guy has no insurance.  He’s not a wealthy man.

Listen to me, my friend.

Sometimes doing less, is doing more. Through the years, you too will grow.

Medicine is complicated, I’ve come to realize. The more I learn, the less I know.


Dr. Meena Hasan is a medical resident in Washington DC. She is also a resident physician on the ABC News Medical Unit.

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