Contributor Service Agreement

Intro to Becoming a DailyDoseMD Contributor! 

The goal of DailyDoseMD is to provide our readers with content that is interesting, humorous, educational, informative and fun for all! This unique medical blog is designed in a way for you, the writer, to Network among other Physicians. It’s sole purpose is for you to gain recognition to your writing, therefore we encourage you to write as often as you would like. We will do our best to promote your content and help to market your name. There are two types of writers: “Guest Contributors” and “Main Contributors”. DailyDoseMD does not guarantee publication for Guest Bloggers. ‘Guest Bloggers’ are not featured on the Home Page of the Website, and only write one article or write from time to time. DailyDoseMD does guarantee publication for Main Contributors, which are writers that contribute on a very regular basis. If you are featured as a ‘Main Contributor’, your Bio and Photo will be listed on the main Home Page of the website and can be removed at any time by the owner of the Website’s discretion. We do not pay Guest Bloggers or Main Contributors for contributing to DailyDoseMD. You can however use DailyDoseMD as a publication reference for your own needs. You must be registered with DailyDoseMD to Contribute as a Blogger.

By submitting a blog post to DailyDoseMD you agree to the following terms:

As a DailyDoseMD Main Contributor you will receive:
•    A bio for your Blog – photo, name, and a brief description.
•    Your blog will feed into our Home Page Blog Feed
•    We market each new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn


As a DailyDoseMD Main Contributor, you agree to provide us with the following:

•    Bio: A brief description of your achievements and recognitions.
•    All contributors must have ‘Joined’ DailyDoseMD. If you have not – go to and Join today.
•    Linking: Please use the links in your text or provide the web address in parentheses if you care to reference another website.
•    Images: Provide us with at least one image to include with the post.  At Least One image is required.  The more the Merry.  If they are photos from another website or a photographer – supply appropriate credit information.   It must be an image that you are legally allowed to use/share.  Images MUST be a ‘jpg’ file.  If you refer to products – please include those images as well.  By contrbiting an image, your explicity provide DailyDoseMD with permission to use the image in future promotions and publications.
•    Social Media: Where possible, you agree to follow DailyDoseMD on Facebook, Twitter and which ever Social Media Site you are a member. Please provide your social media pages for us to reference and promote.
•    Marketing: You agree to market your DailyDoseMD posts via your website, email to your contacts, and/or social media outlets.
•    Comments: Review incoming comments and provide us with any responses/updated you want to add to your blog post. 

Blog Content is Essential:

•    Make sure your topic is interesting for your readers.
•    Formatting – use #’s and bullets to make your advice/points quick and easy to digest, unless you are writing an article.
•    Try to add value, insight, and depth to your writing. Provide information and a unique perspective on topics pertaining to your specialty from your point of view.
•    Your work will be protected under our Medical Disclaimer Terms of Agreement. We make it explicitly clear that we do not offer medical advice, and to contact your Physicians for questions regarding personal health and wellbeing.
•    Respect your audience. Do not post any material that is abusive, or hateful to another person, culture, or entity. Do not use ethnic or racial slurs, personal insults, obscenity, etc., and show proper consideration for the privacy of others and for topics that may be considered sensitive, such as religion and politics.
•    Keep your posts brief. Short, energetic postings are easier to read, and easier to write!
•    Make sure you are using correct grammar and spelling. 

Contributor’s Agreement:

1. CERTIFY: I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to
2. SUBMISSION: In submitting your article, you are granting us a perpetual, royalty free
     license to use the content however we wish so long as we give you writer’s credit.
3. CONTENT: The content you submit must not be objectionable in opinion. No racist,
     hateful, discriminatory, illegal, unlawful or otherwise objectionable content will be
4. REPRODUCE: DailyDoseMD may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify,
     and use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media.
5. PLAGIARISM: I understand that plagiarism is the act of submitting work that, in part or
     whole, includes the work of another person—work that I did not write. This includes, but
     is not limited to, copying words from another source without indicating in some manner
     (ex: quotation marks or some other means of reference) that these words or ideas come
     from a source other than myself. In submitting my work to DailyDoseMD for
     consideration, I certify that all of my work submitted to DailyDoseMD represents my own
     work only and is not in any way plagiarized. I am aware of DailyDoseMD’s commitment
     to publishing only original work created by its members and I understand that
     plagiarism is a serious offense.
6. RESPONSIBILITY: You understand that once you submit your article for publishing, you
     are responsible for its content.
7. REVOKE: DailyDoseMD can revoke acceptance of the article for publication.
8. EDIT: I understand that DailyDoseMD may edit my article to correspond to our editorial
     style as well as for length.
9. PHOTOS: I grant permission to DailyDoseMD to use photographs taken by me for use in
     DailyDoseMD publications or its website. Photos may be reused in these platforms
     without notifying me. I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve the photographs. I
     waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of
     the photographs. I hereby agree to release and hold DailyDoseMD from and against any
     claims, damages or liability arising from or related to the use of the photographs or
     written material.
10.PAYMENT: DailyDoseMD is not obligated to compensate you. You are not entering
     this Agreement with the expectation of any payment, you are entering solely based on
     getting your writing published onto a reputable Blog Site and Networking among your  
     fellow medical colleagues. 
11. TERM: This Agreement will become effective at the date which your first article is
      submitted, unless sooner terminated, will remain effective.
12. TERMINATION: Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason upon notice
     to the other party. Contributors must provide notification to DailyDoseMD if they no
     longer wish to be featured as a “Main Contributor”.