The ‘Model’ Healthcare System, Band Aid-care, and what we can learn from the VA

Having done most of my clinical clerkships in New York City, I came to Boston for residency expecting a similar experience in another metropolitan city. The culture of the Psychiatric Urgent Care … [Read more...]

Road to Fellowship, What ‘The Match’ Will Bring to the Future Generation of New Doctors

You’ve made it. Four years of college, four years of medical school, and three years (sometimes four or five) of Residency, depending on the specialty you chose. You’ve earned a prestigious … [Read more...]

Affordable Care Act: A Doctor’s View

By: Meena Hasan, MD Most mornings, I opt to take the red line commuter train from my apartment in Bethesda, Maryland to my hospital in Washington, DC. Despite the costly two-way fare, it’s a … [Read more...]

A Doctor’s Duty to Patient Advocacy

Doctor. A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician. Advocate. A person who supports a particular cause. Physician Advocate. A health professional that advances the health and well-being … [Read more...]

Impact of Public Health Officials Use of Social Media to Convey Information

How can Social Media impact Public Health Initiatives, and vice versa? Federal agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration have recognized the … [Read more...]

Healthcare Social Media Series Part 3: Information For The Patients

  #HCSM Social Media Series: Information for the Patients Scroll down for the third entry of this 6-part blog series on Healthcare and Social Media! 1. #HCSM Series: Listen Up Medical … [Read more...]

Healthcare Social Media Series Part 2: Keeping It Professional

#HCSM Social Media Series: Keeping it Professional This is the second of my few #HCSM (Healthcare Social Media) Social Media Series blog posts (I'll be posting this index with links as more posts … [Read more...]

Healthcare Social Media Series Part 1: Information For Medical Providers

 #HCSM Social Media Series: Listen Up Medical Providers This is the first of my few #HCSM (Healthcare Social Media) Social Media Series blog posts (I'll be posting this index with links as more posts … [Read more...]

Science and Art: How a medical breakthrough makes the news

I am a hybrid of Science and Art.     I am a Resident Physician that enjoys to write ...     Writing for abc News in New York City is an incredible experience. I'm … [Read more...]

Medical Unit: A Look Into The Life of a Medical Journalist

Medical Journalism has been an interest of mine for some time now, every since the early career days of Dr. Sunjay Gupta on CNN, I've never been so intrigued by the ability of a Physician to be such … [Read more...]

How Can Doctors Understand the Business side of Medicine

Healthcare is evolving at an ever-changing pace more rapidly than we are even aware. It is crucial for healthcare professionals to not only understand the day-to-day workings of their defined industry … [Read more...]

Money Talk: Should Doctors talk to Students about Salary?

  CNN published an interesting Report last year regarding Physician pay. The article revealed the scrutiny that Physicians are under in regards to their salary. Sources say - quite possibly no … [Read more...]

Lost in Transition

“I really admire you for embracing change at this point in your career,”  a colleague tells me. Translation:  “You are crazy.  Better you than me.” After almost 15 years of private practice, … [Read more...]

Four Questions All Doctors And Patients Should Use To Approach Every Healthcare Decision

In my last rant I promised you the "Four Questions" every healthcare practitioner (and patient) should ask before any diagnostic test is contemplated. This holds true whether for a simple blood test, … [Read more...]

Where Did My Medicare Go?

Imagine getting older, retiring and finally enjoying the life you worked so hard to build and illness strikes…why is this a problem? We can rely on good, old, dependable Medicare! Unfortunately, the … [Read more...]