Talking to patients about high value care, and why it’s important

Last night, one of my close friends told me the story of her recent trip for her annual gynecology appointment. Her longtime gynecologist had retired, and she was meeting her new physician. After … [Read more...]

Growing Doctor Wings: From Resident Physician to Attending

Growing Doctor Wings: Dr. Darilyn Moyer “Tombstones? Do the EKG changes look like tombstones?” were the first questions I asked my 4th year medical student subintern when he called me.  I took a … [Read more...]

Four Questions All Doctors And Patients Should Use To Approach Every Healthcare Decision

In my last rant I promised you the "Four Questions" every healthcare practitioner (and patient) should ask before any diagnostic test is contemplated. This holds true whether for a simple blood test, … [Read more...]

Where Did My Medicare Go?

Imagine getting older, retiring and finally enjoying the life you worked so hard to build and illness strikes…why is this a problem? We can rely on good, old, dependable Medicare! Unfortunately, the … [Read more...]