The Life Lessons I Learned From Graduating Residency

If you had asked me 15 years ago what I wanted to be ‘when I grow up’, a doctor was definitely not a thought in my mind. I wasn’t bred at a young age to become a Physician by the ancestors that walked … [Read more...]

Finding Comfort in an Uncomfortable Reality; How a Physician Reacts to Death

"A thousands times we die in one life. We crumble, break and tear apart until the layers of illusion are burned away, and all that is left, is the truth of who and what we really are..." The … [Read more...]

Road to Fellowship, What ‘The Match’ Will Bring to the Future Generation of New Doctors

You’ve made it. Four years of college, four years of medical school, and three years (sometimes four or five) of Residency, depending on the specialty you chose. You’ve earned a prestigious … [Read more...]

How Social Media Shapes Medical Education

Like most people, healthcare professionals use mainstream social media networks to connect with friends and family. But about 1/3 of them also join social networks focused exclusively on healthcare. … [Read more...]

FDA and Social Media: Impact on Perscription Drug Advertising

Studies have shown that 60% of Americans turn to the internet for medical advice. It's obvious how social media naturally seems like another method pharmaceutical companies can quickly and easily … [Read more...]

Ebola’s Incredible Power Not Only To Infect, But To Instill Fear

Ebola is everywhere. Not literally. Turn on the television, and you will see the headlines. "Ebola in America.” Or “Hospital worker who handled Ebola is on cruise." And then there is the “Ebola … [Read more...]

Hospital Dog Therapy: Man’s Best Friend

Hospital Dog Therapy occupies a unique position.  Inherent in the human-animal bond dwell incredible healing powers. Offering their unconditional love and exuberance for life, animals enhance our … [Read more...]

Another One Bites The Angel Dust: A Doctor’s Experience in the Psych ER

If it were not for drugs and alcohol, emergency room psychiatrists would be straight up out of a job. When I completed my psychiatry core rotation as a medical student, I was exposed to the most … [Read more...]

Putting Your Best Face Forward In The Age Of Social Media

The age old expression "Don't judge a book by it's cover" we all know, but seem to forget. Everyone knows how important a first impression is, but not many know that there is only a 7 second window to … [Read more...]

The Truth Behind The Glamour of Television ER Dramas

The hospital emergency room doors are the gateway to the Healthcare system. Once you enter, your life is now in the hands of the doctors trained to manage the widest array of medical … [Read more...]

An Internist’s Experience As The Emergency Room Doctor

It is a long known fact that Internal Medicine doctors have a deep loathing for emergency rooms docs. “DISPO DISPO DISPO”, the ER doc’s mantra goes, so there is no wonder why Internist and … [Read more...]

Mission Of Hope In Haiti – One American Doctor Shares His Passion

  So, you want to do a medical mission trip. You want to make a difference in the lives of people from a third world country. But more often then not, there are many other reasons why one … [Read more...]

A Doctor’s Duty to Patient Advocacy

Doctor. A qualified practitioner of medicine; a physician. Advocate. A person who supports a particular cause. Physician Advocate. A health professional that advances the health and well-being … [Read more...]

Social Media Bad For The Brain?

A Yale neuroscientist reports on the negative effects of internet and social media     Over the course of evolution, our brains evolved with a single purpose – to pursue and seek … [Read more...]

Reflections on a Mother’s Day Without Mom

Reflections on a Mother's Day without Mom M.D. Medicinae Doctor. Latin for “Teacher of Medicine.” A degree that took an incredibly long time to receive. But today, Mother’s Day, my M.D. stands for … [Read more...]

On Letting Go and Moving On

We are changing. The Universe around us is changing. We hold onto things because we don’t know any better, or because we don’t think that we can achieve anything greater. It’s comfortable. But … [Read more...]

Fashionable Food Fads: Quinoa’s Healthy Benefits Raise Questions in Celiac Disease

Doctor by day. Food fashionista by night.       The far more fashionable accessory to have these days when hitting up a new restaurant is not a new pair of Manolo … [Read more...]

Boston Strong – Why 5 Marathon Runners Will Run Again

One year ago, tragedy struck at the 117th annual Boston Marathon. Four innocent people were killed and hundreds were wounded. One year later, I am in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire … [Read more...]