On becoming a Cardiologist

As a fellow in cardiology, you sign up to be part of a specialty that can involves emergencies. As a first year fellow, usually you are running things by other senior fellows and attendings, and … [Read more...]

The White Coat Phenomenon, Doctor in Training

A few weeks ago, a teenager in Florida was busted for donning a white coat and stethoscope, entering a hospital, and fooling physicians and patients alike into believing that he was a doctor. He spent … [Read more...]

Patient ‘Care’, Begins with Listening to the Patient

In medicine, the seemingly simple questions become the complex ones. “How’s it going?” It is a question that is frequently asked whenever we encounter friends and acquaintances. In a given day, … [Read more...]

The ‘Model’ Healthcare System, Band Aid-care, and what we can learn from the VA

Having done most of my clinical clerkships in New York City, I came to Boston for residency expecting a similar experience in another metropolitan city. The culture of the Psychiatric Urgent Care … [Read more...]

Finding Poetry in Medicine

The Medical School Graduate Finally!  I’m an MD.  No more left to learn! Diploma in hand, what more could one ask for? What’s that you say?  Some chest pain?  Today? Don’t worry—I can help! I read … [Read more...]

Advice from your Physical Therapist: How to Improve Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Julie Hamlin, Student PT If I’ve learned anything during my third physical therapy clinical rotation, it’s that people have knee pain!  I am doing my affiliation at an … [Read more...]