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Founded by Danielle Krol MD, DailyDoseMD brings together Physician’s to reflectively write about their experiences in the rapidly changing health care profession. You too can improve empathy of other physicians through guided reflective writing about your patients, health news , policy, and your own lifestyle outside work.

Improving the quality of patient care, one blog post at a time.

I created DailyDoseMD to share the life experiences from successful people around me, to share how to maintain a healthy life, be successful as a Physician and to be happy. One way I do this is by reflection on my patients, and I encourage other physicians to do the same. Physicians at DailyDoseMD come together to write about reflections in healthcare, but also about their life.

Our Bloggers are Health Care professionals that write reflective articles about their life as a Physician, and share novel ideas about what we think is important to the ever-changing field of medicine.

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